I have been wearing face masks to fight against the flu and to protect my "LUNGS" from Dirt-Dust-Pollen & Pollutions, years before all these other companies, the CDC and other medical agencies started recommending them. Come to find out I have "Cystic Fibrosis" a rare lung disease making me allergic to the air and environment, literally everywhere I go. So to keep living life to the fullest I wear my

Breathe Happy Face Masks everywhere I go.

 Yes, I know wearing a face mask can be uncomfortable and even scary or intimidating for some. So to prevent negative thoughts and discrimination, I invented the most comfortable Breathe Happy Face Masks. No more plain jane masks or loops that are too tight or cut your skin. With my face masks, you add a touch of Comfort & Fashion to your daily PPE/Wardrobe.

So no matter what you are doing ie; going to the store, work or play,

Breathe Happy Face Masks have you covered with a double layer of 88% Poly and 12% Spandex moisture wick material to help reduce the amount of harmful air particles to help you Breathe Happy and Healthy... 


With that said if you are a business/company that

A. would like to provide your employees with branded face masks


B. Give or Sell them to your loyal clients/customers, please contact me at 808-212-7594 for custom orders.



We are experiencing higher volume than normal so please allow 2-4 days for processing and due to current events, all orders are final after purchase! We DO NOT offer "Returns or Exchanges" for any item. We are the manufacturer and do not "stock" any items. Every piece is made to order.  Please order wisely!!!


Though if your mask doesn't fit we recommend to "Pay It Forward" and gift them to someone who will use them. Then contact us ASAP, let us know of the situation and we will get you hooked up...

 Breathe Happy Face Masks are not N95 mask or endorsed by any safety agency as they help you to not touch your nose or mouth as well as protect from Dirt-Dust-Pollen & Pollutions. Not making any statements that these masks will prevent you from catching anything! Though if used & maintained correctly "I feel they can help as I Breathe Better with them than without". Try them out as the "CDC" says something is better than nothing!


once you confirm your purchase you agree to all terms and conditions stated above.   

Thank you for your support and stay safe!


Breathe Happy Face Masks


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Breathe Happy Face Masks Made In The USA
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Breathe Happy Face Masks Made In The USA
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